Monday, January 14, 2008

Salmonella from salmon?: Sushi sickens Son-ster

He finally called an ambulance after he realized that he was still "tossing his cookies" even though there were clearly no longer any "cookies" left inside to toss (which stood to reason, since he'd been throwing up for six hours).

It's nice when the student health service is the university hospital of a student's own university. The hospital staff gave him what he so delicately described as "anti-barf" medication, and informed him that the food poisoning had aggravated his Crohn's Disease. He sounded rather better the last time I spoke with him, presumably because he was no longer vomiting. But I imagine he'll think twice about eating sushi again, which is a pity for a person who graduated with a minor in Japanese.

Update: I'm happy to report that The Family Physicist is now back in his apartment, hard at work on his grad-school homework.


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